Risque Tins

On the left is a beautifully illustrated biscuit tin from Huntley & Palmer, who are one of the oldest biscuit makers in the world. On the right, is a marked, Chinese silver card case, available at Maitreya Arts of Asia. Although the two items were made more than a century apart, they have more than a few themes in common: leisure, nature, family ...and public fornication. The image on the biscuit tin was mistakenly believed to have been designed by a disgruntled employee, when in fact the artist (Mick Hill from Berkshire) stated that he was simply "having a bit of fun". Three distinctly naughty details can be identified upon close inspection, the most obvious of which is the two dogs having sex in the tall grass by the picnic table. The two dogs on the card case, however, seem to have no such need for privacy as they are engaged in the act two feet away from the table. The biscuit tin was made in 1979, whereas the card case is from the late 19th century.