Relics from the last Opium War

The items below represent the last vestige of British dominance of the Opium trade to China which culminated in the second Opium war that ended in 1860.

The late 19th century Opium pipe with a Malacca stem , turned brass ferules, ivory insulators, and hand of carved sheep horn are reminiscent of the construction of an English walking stick and Georgian silver tea pot. They are of a British manufacture. The ceramic pipe bowl circa 1900 is inlaid with terracotta characters and is of Chinese manufacture. The pierced brass cover of the opium lamp was used to disguise its purpose and was made in China in the early 20th century. The Chinese silver plated brass opium container is decorated with applied dragons and stamped with a Chinese character ( early 20th century). In 1907 China signed an agreement with India ( The source of Britains opium export to China) banning the importation of the drug. Opium paraphernalia continued to be made on the continent until the Chinese Communist Government came to power in 1949.